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The William McCrow Collection

- McCrow at an exhibit of his work in Dublin, 1963.

McCrow was born 1913 in Princeton, Ontario to John and Mary McCrow. The family moved to Keg Lane in Paris in 1919. McCrow graduated from Ontario College of Art and studied architecture at the University of Toronto. Throughout his career he would design homes and subdivisions throughout Ontario including in: Brantford, Kleinberg, St. George, and Simcoe.

McCrow worked designing houses and commercial buildings until 1951 when he was hired by the CBC as the Director of Design. He was invited to Ireland in 1961 by the government to help set up television in that country. In 1963 McCrow was hired by the BBC. During the 60’s and 70’s he was involved in the production of 16 feature films. In 1981 McCrow won a Genie Award for his design of the Quebec Film Les Plouffe. McCrow retired in the early 1990’s.

The F.R. Remus Collection

Not originally from Paris, Frank Remus moved to Upper Town in Paris from the Prairies. Frank was the manager of the J.D. Adams Company which would eventually become Wabco. The company manufactured road graders and giant earth moving trucks. The Remus Collection holds numerous photos, memorabilia and artifacts from both companies that capture elements of Paris’ manufacturing history.

The collection also contains photos which provide an intimate look into the Canadian presence in the Netherlands during the war as well as Remus’ own belongings from his time in the war and the Legion.

Cobblestone Quilt

This quilt featuring some of the Cobblestone Homes in Paris, Ontario was designed and handmade by Linda Charlton and machine quilted by Sarah Yetman.

It has been donated to the Paris Museum for a fund raising event.

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