Our Board Members

Miranda Siklenka, Chair

Miranda works as a teacher in Hamilton. She has a B.A. and M.A. in Classics with research specialization in archaeology. She has worked in several museums in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and has completed courses in collections management. She is delighted to contribute her experience to the preservation of the history of Paris. Miranda is also an archaeological illustrator with drawings featured in publications based in Italy, Denmark and Canada, and is affiliated with excavation projects in Italy and Jordan. She resides in Paris and is an artist outside of her work at PMHS and teaching career.

Judy Moore, Vice Chair

Born and raised in the Junction, Judy was a teacher for 30+ years in the Grand Erie District School Board before retiring. She recently completed an honours degree in Archaeology and Heritage Studies at Laurier University. Judy has been busy volunteering at the museum photographing artifacts and helping with data input. She values the history of Paris and considers it an honour to be able to assist in preserving it.

Marie Williamson, Treasurer

Marie was born and raised in Paris and attended Brantford Business College. Her first job was at Penmans head office. Her husband also from Paris was in the RCAF for 25 years and they lived across Canada and in Germany. Returning to Paris in retirement, Marie volunteered in 2000 as Treasurer and has been volunteering ever since. Marie also leads walking tours of Upper Town during the summer months.

Tina Lyon

Tina came back to Paris in 1999 after living in the US for a number of years. Her father was in the Armed Forces so the family moved several times across Canada and Europe. In her later years Tina held a variety of positions from Ambulance Attendant to Executive Assistant. She owned her own equipment company. When she returned to Paris Tina volunteered at the Paris Performers' Theatre, North Ward School and finally found her home at the Paris Museum and Historical Society. Tina began her work at the museum cataloguing artifacts, doing data entry and other archival jobs. In late 2019 she took the reins as Curator. In her spare time Tina is working toward a Certificate in Museum Studies.

Patti Gladding

Patti graduated from the University of Waterloo majoring in Sociology. She then attended teacher education at Althouse College. Now happily retired, Patti was employed by the Grand Erie District School Board and taught in Brantford as well as Paris. A direct descendent of a fur factor of the historic Northwest Trading Company and pioneer fishing family on Lake Superior, Patti has enjoyed historical accounts of the family in the north. She has lived in Paris twenty-one plus years and enjoys volunteering with the Paris Museum and Historical Society, the Paris Horticultural Society and the Paris Friends of the Library.

Amanda Barclay

Amanda was born in the UK, moved to Princeton in 1994 and then into Paris in 1996. Amanda is an Occupational Therapist with 30 years experience. She currently works at Six Nations Health Services. She is an avid gardener, and enjoys learning new things everyday. Her love of history and photographic talents will be an asset to the museum.

Jazmin Beddard

Jazmin has worked and volunteered in the Ontario cultural heritage sector for the last decade; for several museums, participating in academic and CRM archaeological efforts, and leading conservation projects. She has a H.B.A.Sc. from LakeHead University specializing in archaeology and Canadian history, M.A. archaeological training from Trent University, graduate certification in Cultural Heritage and Conservation Management from Fleming College and is working towards an M.A. of Interdisciplinary Studies from Royal Roads University. She is excited to be a part of the Paris Museum & Historical Society team full of passionate individuals and to lend a hand to their continued efforts to preserve and disseminate knowledge of Paris' heritage, emphasizing the importance of Ontario's cultural institutions. Originally from Hamilton, she now lives in St. George, adjacent to Paris.

Jayme Frazee-Wright

As a result of living in Paris her entire life and a natural interest for history, Jayme hopes to help respect and treasure the rich history that Paris and surrounding areas has to offer. While her original career goal was to become an archeologist, she's realized recently that the local affairs and history of Paris are more important to her. Now she wishes to become more politically involved in the community to one day become a future councilor for Paris. With Jayme's contribution to the museum through her young ideas and a strong interest she hopes there will be more awareness to the history of this town. Jayme is happy to help preserve it for years to come, allowing the future generations to enjoy it just as we did.

Gillian Cunningham

Gillian moved to Paris in 1997. She has been involved with many community groups in her time here, such as the Girl Guides of Canada for 25 years, Boy Scouts of Canada, and the Paris Agricultural Society Ladies Division. She has also been committed to helping the St. John Ambulance Unit 407 BHN for 24 years, the Brantford Navy League of Canada, and the RCAC Support Committee. Moreover, she has coached ball hockey and has lent a helping hand to the Brantford International Villages Festival for several years. Gillian is an avid history lover and through her volunteer contributions at PMHS, she wishes to help everyone learn what a wonderful and rich history Paris has to offer.